Suzanne Collins
Suzanne Collins
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Suzanne danced from the age of 2 until 18, and was constantly performing principal roles in school plays, performances, musicals and pantomimes.

She studied at Birkenhead 6th Form College for A-Level Performing Arts-Dance, Drama and Music: Grade A. And A-Level English combined Language and Literature: Grade A.

Due to go to Drama School, on completion of her A-Levels she landed a full time contract as the part of “Nikki Shadwick” in ongoing soap ‘Brookside’ which has seen her perform in a very wide variety of demanding roles.

Suzanne enthusiastically supports many charities. She ran last year’s Flora London Marathon, she performs regularly in charity balls and has done several sponsored abseils to name but a few.



Nikki Shadwick - A main character studying Psychology, during which time, she was a victim of drug rape, became an alcoholic, had a stalker and had to cope with the loss of her brother and father in a spectacular gas explosion. Her mother fled the country leaving Nikki responsible for her younger tearaway sister, Emily. Nikki got engaged to long term lover Jerome and her later efforts for a romantic candlelit evening resulted in her home being burned to the ground. She moved in with manic-depressive Jimmy Corkhill. Gangsters were forced onto the close by the Police and held the house hostage. Nikki was close to getting raped once more and her sister Emily was killed. Jerome left Brookside Close, jealous of Nikki and Jimmy’s platonic relationship. Vulnerable and alone Nikki forces 55yr old Jimmy into bed but the relationship didn’t work out and they remain friends. At present she is concentrating on her studies and has a new boyfriend.
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