Ken Kitson
Ken Kitson
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Ken spent three years at East 15 Acting School where he was coached by Ian McKay and subsequently awarded a Stage Fighting Diploma, then went on to teach fencing and unarmed combat.

Ken also assisted Ian McKay and William Hobbs at various drama schools and the National Theatre



Theatres, A varietry of characters at:
Stratford East (Joan Littlewood)
Dukes Playhouse (Peter Oyston)
Lincoln (Claire Venables)
Brixham (John Slater)

Escape From The Dark ([Walt Disney] Charles Jarrott)
Adventures of Barry McKenzie (Bruce Beresford)
Witness For The Prosection (Alan Gibson)
Firefighters (Johnathan Ingram)
Riding High (Ross Cramer)
Last of the Summer Wine (Pat O'Connor)
When Saturday Comes (Marie Guise)
Brassed Off (Mark Hermon)

A wish for Wally's Mother (LWT)
The Movers (BBC)
Nobody is Norman (Central)
Get Some In (Thames)
Howerd Confessions (Thames)
Sweeney (Euston Films)
Bay Dominic (YTV) People Like Us (LWT)
Van Der Valk (Euston Films)
DangerUXB (Euston Films)
Cost of Loving (YTV)
Coronation Street (Granada)
Chance in a Million (Thames)
Gentle Touch (LWT)
All Creatures Great eand Small (BBC)
The Beast (YTV)
Shades of Darkness (Granada)
Armchair Thriller (Thames)
Knife Edge (Granada)
Friends (granada)
Ripping Yarns (BBC)
Minder (Euston Films)
I Remember Nelson (Central)
Professionals (BBC)
By the Sword Divided (BBC)
Scrangers (Granada)
Boon (Central)
Lost Empires (Granada)
My Brother Jonathan (BBC)
One By One (BBC)
Mapp And Lucia (LTW)
Ruth Rendell Mysteries (TVS)
Ray Bradbury Tales (Granada)
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (BBC)
Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit (BBC)
Hancock (BBC)
God On The Rocks (Skreba Films)
G.B.H. (Channel Four)
Kinsey (BBC)
Last Of The Summer Wine (BBC)
Hartbeat (YTV)
Heroes And Villains (Tiger Aspect)
Emmerdale (YTV)
Jake's Progress (Channel Four)
The Bill (Thames)
Blood And Peaches (BBC)
Ivanhoe (BBC)
London's Burning (LWT)
The Detectives (BBC)
Dalziel And Pascoe (BBC)
Cops as John Stowe (World Productions)
Wuthering Heights as Mr Earnshaw (LWT)
Talos The Mummy (Film Carousel Pictures, Luxemburg)
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