Malcolm Dixon
Malcolm Dixon
Age : Playing age 45-60
Height : 4' 1"
Hair Colour : Blonde
Eye Colour : Blue

Malcolm trained at St Anne's College of Speech & Drama. He has had many varied roles in his career to date

Key Skills
Acting, Singing, Comedy, Voice Over Work, Ariel Work, Ice Skater.
Clean Driving Licence
Accents - Lancashire, North East, Irish and Scots.

Height 4ft 1"
Suit Size Small Fitting
Shoe Boys 2
Chest 34"
Waist 30"
Hips 32"
Around Thigh 19.5"
Around Calf 13.5"
Collar/Neck 14"
Around Head 23"
Around Wrist 6.5"
Around Ankle 9"
Across Back 14.5"
Inside leg 171/4 "
Girth (front neck through crutch to nape 57.5"
of neck)
Shoulder to Shoulder 14.5"
Shoulder to Waist 15.5"
Shoulder to Ground 38.5"
Outside Arm (shoulder to wrist) 13"
Underarm to Wrist 13"
Underarm to Elbow 7.5"
Nape of Neck to Waist 21"
Nape of Neck to Ground 40.5"
Waist to Ankle 22"
Waist to Floor 25"
Waist to Knee 14"

Interests & Activities
Music, Reading,
Entertaining people



Stage Credits Include:
The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins West End & Tour
The Lion, The Witch Pheonix Arts Centre, Leicester
& The Wardrobe
Volpone Nano the Dwarf & Judge
Peter Pan Nana & Crocodile - The Palladium
Peter Pan Nana & Crocodile - Tour
Comic Relief Magical Assistant - Shaftesbury Theatre
The Minstral Show Singer - Scarborough
Jimmy Cricket Show Comedy Feed

Television Credits Include:
Tales of Narnia Lost Empires
One Foot In The Grave Last Of The Baskets
Big Breakfast Show Beachcomber
Little & Large Show Baal
Dick Emery Show The Stanley Baxter Show

Film Credits Include:
Srutter Time Bandits
Umpa Lumpa Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Chief Ewok Return of the Jedi
Prisoner & Dwarf Flash Gordon
Traveller Entertainer Black Jack
Diddy Dwarf Snow White
Skeksis Dark Crystal
Character Goblin Harry Potter
Musician Willow
Merlin Witch Way Love
Animal Creature Laberinth
Monk Ledgend
Cracks National Film School

Commercials Pop Videos:
Toothpaste Everlast
Fast Food Spandau Ballet
Sports Cars Duran Duran

Pantomime Characters Include:
Grand Visia, Evil Prince, Comedy Stooge, Good Robber, Goose, Dog & Dwarf in many Snow White Productions.
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