Keijo Salmela
Keijo Salmela
Age : 30's
Height : 3' 9"
Hair Colour :
Eye Colour :

Keijo has had many varied roles since 1985 including Films, Theatre and Commercials, his passion is modeling and he has a natural way of posing in front of the camera. Although Keijo has done most of his work abroad in December 1999 he starred in a pantomime in Inverness.

Key Skills
- Good Interpersonal skills
- Proven track record in honesty and reliability
- A good team member but can demonstrate initiative when required

Height 3ft 9 in
Chest 32 in
Waist 30.5 in
Lower Hip 32 in
Front neck to Hollow 13 in
Back Nape to Waist 14 in
Nape of neck to under Buttock 23 in
Nape to back of knee 28 in
Nape to ground 38 in
Nape around neck to front waist 20.5 in
Armhole depth 8 in
Across back crease in arm-crease
at shoulder blades 13.5 in
Front 12.5 in
Biceps 10.5 in
Round Bent Elbow 12 in
Wrist 6.5 in
To shoulder 9 in
Shoulder to elbow 8 in
Elbow to wrist bone 7.5 in
Outside leg to ground 24 in
Outside leg to knee 14 in
Inside leg to ground 14.5 in
Inside leg to knee 6.5 in
Around bent knee 14.5 in
Around thigh 18.5 in
Below Knee 12.5 in
Around calf 12.5 in
Around ankle 8 in
Nape crotch front neck hollow 52.5 in
Body rise-sitting waist to chair 8 in
Collar height 13/4 in
Around neck 14.5 in
Ear to ear, over top 12 in
Around head 22.5 in
Eyebrows over top base of skull 15.5 in
Shoe size 13
Weight 5St 5ilbs

Interests & Activities
Modeling, Music, Reading,
Entertaining people



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